Susan Ruddy Photography | Wedding Day Suggestions

I have photographed hundreds of weddings since I started my photography business.  With each wedding not only do I perfect my skills and my style, I also learn many things that every bride needs to know.  Here is a list of helpful suggestions ~ I hope these help to make your day even more spectacular!!


- Transition lenses do not photograph well!  I usually do not see this with the couple but usually in parents and grand parents.  Everyone wants outdoor photos or even an outdoor ceremony and if someone has the lenses that darken they will either need to take them off or get an inexpensive pair that can be worn for photos.

- Get rid of that cheap plastic hanger that the dress comes on.  It does not photograph well and there are many great options that look so much better.  You can order a custom hanger with your name or any other message on it.  There are lots of shops on  They do take 2-3 months to come in so you need to plan ahead.  You can always create your own with a nice wooden hanger some paint markers and fake flowers or ribbons.  If that is too much effort just bring a nice wooden hanger, it makes a HUGE difference.

- Bring a fitted bed sheet with a hole cut out of the center.  You step into it and pull it up to wrap around your dress so you can walk around messy areas without messing up your dress!

- Get shoe guards for your heels so your shoes don't sink into the grass.

- Bring a pair of shoes to walk around in.  Many times those gorgeous shoes hurt your feet.  If you have a comfy pair to walk around during photos you will be a happy bride later! 

- Don't schedule your outdoor photos during the brightest time of the day. 

- Schedule enough time for your photos.  Your photos are the one thing you will have forever, if there is not enough time to get great photos, you may regret it later on.

- Bring your invitation on your wedding day. Many brides want it photographed and forget to have one with them. 

- keep the spot that you are getting ready at clean!  It gets very hectic with you and all the other girls getting ready but nothing looks worse than clutter all of the place in the background.  i try to move things around to avoid any clutter but it isn't always possible.

- have a backup plan in case of rain. 

-BE ON TIME - I cannot stress that enough.  I have had brides who do not get all of the photos that they wanted because they were late.  Make sure everyone is there and ready to go when I get there.  (Aside from the bride so we can get photos of the dress before it is on). 

- Whiten your teeth.  You don't have to go and spend hundreds of dollars at a dentist.   You can get the do it your self strips at the drug store or even just brush your teeth with baking soda for a couple of weeks before the big day.  It makes a huge difference. 

- Incorporate special items in your day.  I have had brides wear a recently deceased grandparents jewelry, have part of moms dress or veil sewn into your dress, have your new initials sewn in dress in blue, wear grandmothers perfume (bring the bottle for a photo), 

- Skip the garter and bouquet.  Most guests hate this tradition.  By the time it is done most guests have had a few (or more) drinks and do and say things they may regret  Many times the guys won't catch the garter if the girl who caught the bouquet is not attractive to them. 

- Skip the receiving line after the ceremony.  This takes at a minimum 30 seconds per guest.  That is a LOT of time.  instead go to each table during the reception.  You can even have me go with you and take a shot of you with the guests at the table. 

- Consider doing a first look.  While many people worry that it will ruin the special moment of the day it is quite the opposite.  The couple gets a few minutes to themselves to take in how the other looks before we get to taking the formals.  With the pressure off, most couples enjoy the ceremony even more.  All photos are done and you get to be part of and ENJOY the cocktail hour with your guests.  Your wedding day is the most expensive party you will ever throw don't you want to enjoy every minute of it?